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Perks and other stuff about Champions Online… July 28, 2009

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Perks from TenTonHammer
I guess the best way to describe these are ‘titles’ or ‘achievement labels’.

Stuff you need to know
Interesting stuff:
There’s gear you can attach to your character that can be quested or found. “weee nuclear-powered socks!”

There’s blocking. “Talk to the hand sister…”

Use your surroundings. “Throw a garbage can or public transportation”

You have a Nemesis. To be quested of course. “Those 3am drunk calls were made by my arch nemesis…”

You can combine any powers you want. No classes. “Looking for…. errr dude… Must be able to block lazers and stuff.. Must know how to swim or create force-bubbles with breathable atmosphere! Non-smoker preferred!”


I miss my COH characters… July 16, 2009

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Zao = Fire & Earth Tanker
Eizenzhan = Strength & Invulnerability Tanker
Fun times… The easiest character to use was Eizenzhan , Zao was difficult and challenging. You can siphon health from the enemies though which is usable every 1 minute I think. Of course most battles last 30 secs so you better keep your enemies off their feet by doing a smash.

Champions Online PVP… July 14, 2009

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It’s Arena Style PVP , instanced naturally. A little disappointing but I guess there is no story line where you gain ground from superheroes beating each other up. Graphics look sweet though.

COH and CO… July 10, 2009

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I’ve played City of Heroes before when it began and kind of gave up after a year. The reason? It was getting monotonous. The common recurring theme is :
1. Get quest
2. Find quest location
3. Beat up everything in your path to fulfill the quest.
4. Go back to quest giver and get rewarded.
5. That’s it, you can group up if you want by waiting in front of the building since most of them occur in their own scenario. There can be multiple scenarios in one location.

Beginning Again July 9, 2009

Posted by raidenn in WARHAMMER.

Ive pretty much let go of this blog for awhile since my social life and work suddenly became pretty busy. I decided to clean up this blog, clear up some old postings and get more organized. I’m still playing Warhammer Online when I’m not busy, Left 4 Dead if I’m bored with MMO’s (which happens sometimes). I’ll still put in some postings here on Warhammer soon. I’m thinking of getting Champions Online if the game isn’t as boring as City of Heroes.
Anyway welcome back and to all my new visitors, greetings!