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Beginning Again July 9, 2009

Posted by raidenn in WARHAMMER.

Ive pretty much let go of this blog for awhile since my social life and work suddenly became pretty busy. I decided to clean up this blog, clear up some old postings and get more organized. I’m still playing Warhammer Online when I’m not busy, Left 4 Dead if I’m bored with MMO’s (which happens sometimes). I’ll still put in some postings here on Warhammer soon. I’m thinking of getting Champions Online if the game isn’t as boring as City of Heroes.
Anyway welcome back and to all my new visitors, greetings!



1. Jowah - July 10, 2009

You should get Aion instead ;3

raidenn - July 10, 2009

How is that game?
Does everyone have wings ?
Im a little burnt out on Fantasy at the moment

2. Jowah - July 13, 2009

Game is WONDERFUL, i’m love it more and more.
And yeah, you get wings at lvl10 but your chara won’t be visually stuck with them every single second :p
you can fly in certain zones and….BATTLES IN SKY OMG D:

3. raidenn - July 13, 2009

I saw the animations and they were great, hows the quest stories? Cheesy or good?
Do they have the usual ‘kill 10 rats’ and etc?

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