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COH and CO… July 10, 2009

Posted by raidenn in CHAMPIONS ONLINE.

I’ve played City of Heroes before when it began and kind of gave up after a year. The reason? It was getting monotonous. The common recurring theme is :
1. Get quest
2. Find quest location
3. Beat up everything in your path to fulfill the quest.
4. Go back to quest giver and get rewarded.
5. That’s it, you can group up if you want by waiting in front of the building since most of them occur in their own scenario. There can be multiple scenarios in one location.

See how dull that was? Where’s the honor? Where’s the angst? Oh its in front of City Hall where there’s a costume contest being held. Sheesh.

City of Villians was just the same too. They did add group hideouts which don’t really have much of a function except a quick dimensional entrance and exit to places you need to go. No secret identities, no new gear or anything. Well there was a super hero disco lounge…

Champions Online looks very clean and the graphics are much better. Costuming is mostly half the game even in COH\V. Let’s hope there’s something more in Champions Online besides beating up bad guys.



1. pitrelli - July 15, 2009

I agree with the above, fly to this warehouse and batter 40 henchmen then return to questgiver… next quest is to batter 50. Needless to say I didnt spend long playing CoH, altho i am downloading the free trial atm to keep me occupied before champions release.

I hear public quests are incorporated in CO so its looking good for me, I was hoping it wasnt going to have as many ‘instanced areas’ but meh will have to wait and see.

2. raidenn - July 15, 2009

Interesting, public quests like what Warhammer does?

3. pitrelli - July 16, 2009

@ Raidenn yes exactly like Warhammer. Im only working off what I hear from people in beta however there is definately one in the starter area which I would expect will branch out into the other zones.

4. raidenn - July 16, 2009

The only thing I fear there is what else can you do besides roam around and kill things. We dont really have a secret identity and no crafting mentioned yet. Unless I missed reading that part of course 😀

5. pitrelli - July 16, 2009

Hmm i guess Im just going to wait and see, I’ll be making full use of the open beta that i can put money on

6. raidenn - July 16, 2009

Oh you got into the beta? Lucky. Im still waiting for approval which probably isnt coming

7. pitrelli - July 17, 2009

Check the Champions Online official site – Gamezine had 10,000 codes for ‘closed’ beta to give away, try signing up.

Dont worry about open beta as far as Im aware it will be a free for all although this hasnt been confirmed, so stay close by your pc on 17 August 😉

8. raidenn - July 17, 2009

Gamezine the uk site? I cant seem to find the link to the beta sign up on their site. I already signed up at Champions Online site months ago.

9. pitrelli - July 17, 2009

ye this is for the closed beta, check out my blog it has a link in my latest article to the thread

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