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Beta day today! August 5, 2009

Posted by raidenn in CHAMPIONS ONLINE, Other games.

But I can’t play since its only from 8am to 2pm. Ugh whats the point then?

I did get the beta code for Fallen Earth, however from the trailer and the screenshots, it looks like the developers got lazy on making it.

Final Fantasy XIV came out with some news today.
The character races – same as FFXI (I saw that coming)
The character jobs – major classes and sub classes (Crafter is a class??)
The level advancement – no experience levels (heh I can’t wait to hear more about this LOL , I got a weird feeling that grinding is still necessary)



1. pitrelli - August 6, 2009

Its one of the things I am hating about the closed beta, hardly any time to actually test the game and pretty weird play times. Saying that wednesday suited me as it was 4pm till 10pm (i live in Scotland).

First impressions are good, still needs a bit of work i.e UI and bugs (to be expected in closed beta) but I had a blast 🙂 put it this way if you like CoH you will love Champions. Its not so much CoH 2 but it shares some elements and improves on every one IMO

2. raidenn - August 6, 2009

I liked COH , graphics are a little outdated by now but the costume designs are fun. Is there any crafting in CO? Cant remember if it was ever mentioned.

3. pitrelli - August 9, 2009

yeah but i cant say its a strong point

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