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Beta: First Thoughts… August 10, 2009

Posted by raidenn in CHAMPIONS ONLINE, Other games.

So I made a few characters in Champions Online, too bad it’s the beta so they’ll probably be erased after the weekend. Costuming is quite a fun for those who are into it. I took some screenshots but I think its not a good idea to post them while the game isn’t out yet. I probably tried a few power sets, I’m still trying to get used to the controls since they also added ‘blocking’ as an ability which is actually a great idea.
Not sure if its a good idea to discuss more details since it’s just the beta. Might end up getting in trouble in this.

I also played Batman : Arkham Asylum Demo over the weekend which took me maybe…. 10 minutes? I thought it was fun, one part of it is repeatable if you like trying to beat up goons while hiding in the shadows. Great graphics too.



1. Jowah - August 11, 2009

I played Batman demo too! It’s too damn awesome. Probably short yeah, but indeed awesome.
I love the fact that you just don’t throw yourself in a crowd and smash easily anyone, but it’s more a strategy and stealth thing. I really can’t wait to get full game!

2. pitrelli - August 11, 2009

Did you enjoy CO then?

3. pitrelli - August 11, 2009

RE Screen shots I wouldnt put them up but you could find the picture of your ‘Rate my champion’ and put it up

4. raidenn - August 11, 2009

@jowah I like it too, just need to wait for the price to go down before I get it. Bet there’s like a hidden villain in the full game.

@piterelli Its pretty good, much better than COH definitely. My screenshot tool sucks (Irfanview) It only works half the time. Is there like a city area in the later stages? So far everything is limited to certain spots at the moment.

5. pitrelli - August 11, 2009

yes and just wait till you get there mate, I rarely get breathtaken with zones or events in MMO’s but Millenium City is something else. You can go explore there around level 10 i think or whenever you leave the ‘crisis zone’. Better not say anymore dont wanna get my wrists slapped for breaking NDA

6. pitrelli - August 11, 2009
7. raidenn - August 11, 2009

Notice there’s a bug on the costume creating portion? It keeps bouncing me back from the previous menu

8. pitrelli - August 11, 2009

yeah that should get fixed for release….. well id hope it would

9. raidenn - August 11, 2009

Oh sweet I didnt know it can draw the images from the CO database. I’ll try to find the links later. Headshot server is down at the moment.

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