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Rate My Champion… August 12, 2009

Posted by raidenn in CHAMPIONS ONLINE.

I didn’t think much on the names since they’re going to be wiped soon anyway.

Kabutocan (I like the Kanji character names on the shoulder pads, you cant see it from this angle, click on the image to get a different view)
Kabutocan: Armored guy

Salome (the knives around his costume are all fake lol)
Salome: sword guy

Martine (I got this guy up to level 7, I wanted the 1920’s or 30s crimefighter look)
Martine: Pistol fighter

Barduk (First character I made, wears a skirt above his pants)
Barduk: martial arts

Eizenzhan (Fallen angel look, looks great when flying)
Eizenzhan: Other-worldy character



1. pitrelli - August 13, 2009

hehe alt-aholic in closed beta 😉

nice work!

You manage to visit millenium city yet?

2. raidenn - August 13, 2009

Not yet. At what rank do you eventually go there?

3. pitrelli - August 14, 2009

i went at level 10 or 11 but think you can go as early as level 8

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