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STATUS September 14, 2009


Ok I backed out of my Champions Online Preorder. I kind of lost interest and trying to save a little bit of money too. I also got rid of my Warhammer subscription.

Lately Ive been playing Dungeons & Dragons Online since its free and I wanted to try it to see how much was done since they published this game. I’m actually impressed with it. Its really story-driven. Graphics-wise its probably at par with Guild Wars. There are limits since its a free game like there’s a fee if you want to create a Monk or a Drow character and such. Not so bad really.



1. Aelfdene - September 18, 2009

hey, Dungeons & Dragons hmmmm I heard of it but never got a chance to check it out because I was getting ready for new games called Aion. I got preorder on the new games. Me and Valan and Atanbaba are going be on it. It pretty cool game, it like between FFXI and WOW. The graphic and all just like FFXI and the quests are just like WOW. I really like it and fun. Also there some raid and groups stuff you can to just like the FFXI and WOW do (endgames’ stuff, you know what I talk about lol)

2. raidenn - September 18, 2009

AION sounds interesting. I heard they are coming out with a better one next year though.

3. leolafloyd15253 - April 9, 2016

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